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Designer K Kimji Angkhasekvilai As 1 of H! Lists 500+ Thailand’s Ultimate Powerlist Hello! Magazine H! List 2019


Manager Online Newspaper Aug 2019 CDC Italian Festival 2019 K Kimji Angkhasekvilai (Right) wore our Earrings


Entrepreneur of Kunna Snacks K Nasha Jungkankul with “Chalcedony Tutti Fruitti Earrings”


Celebrity Designer of Haatiya K Haruethai Jayant Na Ayudhaya with Ruby Cherry Earrings


Premium Thailand Travel 2019 Event



Designer K Kimji Angkhasekvilai with
“Mystic Hippie Ring”
HELLO! Magazine Online 2018


Miss World Malaysia 2015
Brynn Lovett with our
“Drop Earrings”


Social Celebrity, Founder of April Bakery K Nathanaporn Euawanthanakhun with “Amy Stud Earrings” for HiSoParty Magazine


Thai Actress K Kamolned shines in “Naughty but Nice Chain Drop Earrings” for CH3 drama series Cr. @verasalon


Kanebo Event 2018 Designer K Kimji Angkhasekvilai wore
“Dolly Queen Necklace”


Horo Hiso TV Show
Designer Interview
August 2018

Horo hiso


Actress K Fang Pichaya Adorned in
“Bella Drop Earrings”

Fang Pitchaya Feb 2017

Beautiful Celebrity K Noina Karnasuta with
“Anna Drop Earrings”

Noina Kanasuta Feb 2017

Designer K Kimji Angkhasekvilai

Ring Pocket

KomChudLuek Newspaper
June 2017


Celebrity News- Designer Wearing "Nice Bracelet" at Italian Festival 2017 Event


Architect K Pepe Kanpaibool with our “Nice Stud Earrings”


K Rena Ono with our
"Heart Breaker Ear Cuffs"


DJ Belle Indamra with our "Playful Double Earrings”


Miss Universe Singapore 2015 Lisa Marie White with our "La Vie En Rose Stud Earrings"

Miss Singapore Lisa White Jun17

Designer K Jiraporn Angkhasekvilai Wearing “Devil Corset Bangle” at Stella Artois Event

ภาพเพิ่มหน้า Press


Miss Diva Universe 2014 Noyonlita Lodh with our earrings.

Beauty Queen Noyonita Lodh (Miss Universe India 2014 Bollywood Celeb) Feb 2016

Top Fashion Designer K Mi Milin with our “White Chocolate Earcuffs”

Milin May 2016

Miss World Vietnam 2014 Trần Ngọc Lan Khuê Wore “Favorite Rose Quartz Baroque Drop Earrings”



Lunar Chinese New Year Collection 2014 WWW.GURUWAN.COM 2015

Judith Leiber Event 2015
Aug 2015

Judith Leiber Event Aug 2015

K Padari Bunnag -Owner of Kalpapruek Restaurant & Granddaughter of HSH Prince Bhisadej Rajani with our “Frozen Dream Elephant Tail Bangle”

Owner of Kalpapruek Restaurant & Granddaughter of HSH Prince Bhisadej Rajani K Padari Bunnag Nov 2015

TMD- Hong Kong

TMD HK Nov 2015

Kree Pasawee Model&Actress with our earrings

Kree Pasawee Model& Actress Dec 2015

Stunning Magazine Vol1 | Dec 2015

Stunning Magazine Vol1 Dec2015


Lunch Break TV Show
June 2014

Lunch Break Now TV June 2014

Today World Newspaper | Dec 2014 Designer Interview

Today Newspaper Dec 2014


Actress K Fang Pichaya with our earrings.

Fang Pitchaya Feb 2013


PooYing Magazine | June 2012 RISING STAR- Designer Interview

PooYing Magazine June 2012

Vivi Magazine
JUNE 2012

Vivi Magazine JUNE 2012 Issue

ThaiRath Newspaper | AUG 2012 Socialite K Jitradee Poolvoralaks with our earrings.

ThaiRath Newspaper 13 AUG 2012

Bangkok Gossip TV | AUG 2012 CELEB STYLE- Designer Interview

Celeb Style- Bangkok Gossip TV Ch3 (20 AUG 2012)

CP Family Club Event- Priew Magazine
AUG 2012

Priew Magazine AUG 2012 Issue

OK! Magazine
SEPT 2012

OK! Magazine SEPT 2012 Issue

Slimming Magazine | SEPT 2012

Slimming Magazine SEPT 2012 Issue